Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesday between  8:15 to 8:45  pm, prior to Bible Study

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Marriage and prayer


All are welcome to join our church prayer meeting. We have a prayer request booklet kept in the cupboard on the right hand side of the passage as you enter the church. Write down you prayer requests and the church will pray for you.

Remember: A church without the saints praying together fervently is a lifeless church. A Christian who prays very little easily drifts away from God.

There are two parts to the prayer meeting. The first part deals with general matters of the church, followed by prayers pertaining to general matters of the church, which is the second part. In the second part we pray for specific matters relating to brothers and sisters and friends whom we know, and according to the request items in the booklet.


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Did you know that God wants to spend time alone with you?

That thought may amaze youK but consider it for a moment: When a person accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, he becomes a member of Gods familyK a child of GodK he can call God his father! Any good father wants to spend time with his children - sometimes with all of them togetherK but often with each one alone. That is the way that a person gets to know another person well V by spending time alone with him.

So the best way to get to know your Heavenly Father is to spend time alone with Him. Theres nothing mystical about it. He has made it clear that He is interested in us who are His children. The simple and yet marvellous way in which we can get to know God better through spending time alone with Him is by reading His Word and conversing with Him in prayer. Of course we can pray to Him any time of the day V driving to work, mixing a cake, washing clothes, studying at school V but really to spend time alone with someone is to give attention to him without distractions. Perhaps the morning is best for you K when youre fresh, before your active day begins. Or perhaps the evening is the best time for you to spend time with God K at the close of your day, as you consider the next days offers. Whatever the time, be consistent in meeting Him. Jesus rose early to pray K and he went somewhere that was quiet  - a good idea for us!




There is no ritual to your time alone with God K any more than there would be spending time alone with an earthly parent. A word of greeting should come first K a short prayer to God asking His blessing on your time together. Then youll want to read something of His Word to you. If you have not read much from the Bible, you may prefer to use a modern version. While you are reading, meditate. To meditate simply means to think seriously about spiritual things. To meditate on what you are reading is to think quietly, soberly, and deeply about God V how wonderful He is, what wonderful things He has done for you, what He is going to do for you, what He wants you to do. Perhaps you will notice:

P         A special promise for you to claim

P         A guidepost to help you in your daily life

P         A command you should follow

P         A searchlight that is pointing out some sin in your life

P         A meaningful verse you will want to memorize

Dont read too fast or try to finish too much at one time. Take time to look for all that God has for you in the portion you do read. You dont need to rush through your time alone with God, especially if you spend some time with Him each day.

When youve read and meditated a while, then converse with God in prayer. Talk to Him as you would to your own earthly parent who loves you, who wants the best for you, who wants to help you in every way possible. Perhaps you dont know Him for what He is K Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe K yet interested in each of us who are in His family!


P      You can thank Him for all He has done K for all He is doing for you K and for all He will do for you.

P        You can tell Him about the things you have done and said and thought for which you are sorry K this is confessing your sins. He tells us in His Word that He is able and faithful to forgive our sins.

P   You can pray for your family K we have a special obligation for our own. You can pray for others K for friends or neighbours who have needs, physical or spiritual.

P        You can ask God to work in the heart of some person you hope will come to know Christ as Saviour K even as you have done.

P        Remember those who are new Christians.

P     You can also pray for our government officials, for your minister and church officers, for missionaries and other Christian servants.

P        You can pray for yourself K ask His guidance for the new day K ask Him to help you with problems you have K ask Him to help you do His will for the day K ask Him to arrange opportunities to serve Him through helping others by means of words or works.

P     You may want to list your prayer requests, so you dont forget any, and so you can record Gods answers Kyes, or no or wait. Use a small note book or note cards.


If you have spent your time alone with God in the morning, then continue your day, refreshed and ready for what may come your way? If you have spent your time alone with Him in the evening, then go to sleep relaxed in His care, ready to rest for a new day of service to Him. You may find it possible to spend some time alone with God both morning and evening. Be sure to remember that you can pray to Him anytime, anywhere K in school, at work, at home K about anything K to ask for something that is needed or to thank Him for something that has been received. As any loving earthly father would be, God is interested in all that happens to you.

And He is looking forward to spending some time alone with you tomorrow and every day!

(from "Time Alone with God" - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)



Here are examples of prayers in the bible:

@ Prayer for delay of deserved judgment Exod. 32

Prayer for forgiveness of the tribe, Exod 34:8-9

Prayer God does not answer, Josh 7

Prayer that produced a miracle, Josh 10

Prayer as a confession of pride, 2Sam 24:10-17

Prayer for a wise heart, 1Kings 3

Prayer for resurrection of dead son, 1Kings 17:20-24

Prayer of thanksgiving, Ezra 7:27,28

Prayer and Fasting, Ezra 8:21-23

Prayer as confession, Job 40:3-5; 42:1-6

Prayer for protection against enemies, Ps 35

Prayer of gratitude for divine goodness, Jer 32:16-25

Prayer of faith, Hab 3

Prayer and the necessity of forgiveness, Matt 5:22-26;6:12,14,15

Prayer and hypocrisy, Matt 6:5-7; Luke 11:1-4

Prayer as taught by Christ, Mat 6:8-13

Prayer as specified by Christ, Matt 7:7-11

Prayer of a leper, Matt 8:1-4

Prayer of the Centurion, Matt 8:5-13

Prayer of Jairus, Matt 9:18,19

Prayer of the diseased woman, Matt 9:20-22

Prayer of two blind men, Matt 9:27-31

@ Prayer for labourers, Matt 9:37-39

Prayer of Christ's gratitude to God, Matt 11:25-27

Prayer of faith, Matt 21:18-22

Prayer at Calvary, Matt 27:46,50

Prayer of the Prodigal, Luke 15:11-24,29,30

Prayer of Pharisee and Publican, Luke 18:9-14

Prayer for the bread of life, John 6:34

Prayer as a privilege, John 14:13-15

Prayer, Jesus's departure, John 17

Prayer in the Upper Chamber, Act 1:13, 14

Prayer and the ministry of the word, Acts 6:4-7

Prayer of a convert (Paul), Acts 9:5, 6,11

Prayer of ordination, Acts 13:2,3,43

Prayer with fasting, Acts 13:2,3; 14:15,23,26

Prayer as a continuing ministry;, Rom 12:12

Prayer for removal of thorn, 2Cor 12:7-10

Prayer Fellowship, Col 4:2-4,12,17

Prayer for Timothy's ministry, 2Tim 1:2-7

Prayer for mercy and favour, Heb 4:16

Prayer for wisdom, Jas 1:5-8

Prayer in the Spirit, Jude 20

Prayer for Christian stability, 1Pet 5:10, 11

@ Marriage and prayer:

In the book "Fit To Be Tied" by  Bill and Lynne Hybels, there is a little paragraph which I think is quite useful for married couples. Here it is:

"We believe that the tension in most marriages could be cut in half if spouses would pray every day about their marriages. God does miracles when people pray. Lives are changed and hearts softened when people pray. Pointing fingers change direction when people pray. Problems shrink when people pray. Sometimes, conflicts even disappear when people pray".